Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Advances in technology mean that it is far easier to get a decent photograph than it was, even 10 years ago. Auto exposure algorithms and sophisticated auto-focus have dramatically improved standards of photography.

For keen photographers, parallel leaps in software, storage and cheap memory cards have made RAW capture a normal way of working for many. But managing your pictures can become a chore. Can you find the picture you want within a couple of minutes? Does the picture on the screen of your camera look very different to the one in Lightroom on your computer?

But why?

Your screen brightness may be to bright or too dark; the display may be set for the wrong colour temperature or, less likely, the contrast setting may be wrong. Lightroom itself changes things too: instead of using the camera preview, Lightroom will generate its own preview which may be quite different from what you see on the camera.

How do you import your pictures? Original file format or .DNG? If you add simple keywords as you import it makes finding images very simple. Without them, you could have to scroll through thousands of images to find the one you want.

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Do you back up your pictures? Did you know that Lightroom can automatically back up everything as you import? I could go on, and on. Adobe Lightroom is an incredible piece of software and with some simple guidance, it can make your images easy to find, quick to delete the unwanted pictures and make good images look outstanding with a couple of clicks (see the Squirrel image).

Wildlife and Process are the first in a series of regular workshops planned in the UK and Europe, concentrating on helping photographers to take control of their pictures, to organise and back them up, without it becoming a chore.

The next Wildlife and Process is being run in conjunction with Wildlife Photographer Andy Howard 9th-13th April in the stunning Highlands of Scotland.
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Planned for later in the year: Summer Wildlife (including Bears) in Finland and Poland with dedicated Lightroom workshops in the South West of England.

Contact me for more information or ideas: 01761 461526 or via the Contact Form on the Workshops page