Adobe Lightroom updates

Adobe Lightroom updates

Major new changes for Adobe's Lightroom applications

Both Classic and CC have been updated to 9.3 and 3.3 respectively , as has Adobe's 'ACR' Camera RAW software to 12.3. ACR is the engine that is used within Photoshop and Lightroom to de-mosaic and edit your RAW images.

Lightroom Classic has been updated to 9.3

Key features are:

Improved video support. Mac now supports .avi and on windows, support for .hevc the new high compression, low loss image format.

Changes to the Curves tool UI, including 'Right Click' options

  • Reset Channel
  • Reset All Channels
  • Copy Channel Settings
  • Paste Channel Settings
  • Snap to Grid
  • Show All Curves

Improved Performance

Presets that now adapt to to ISO that the picture was captured at, described as 'ISO adaptive presets'

Library Grid – Improvements Improve Grid scrolling experience

Develop – Local Adjustments

  • Added a new slider “Hue” in Local Adjustments.
  • With this slider, one can change the hue of a selected region.
  • For precise adjustments, one can select “Use Fine Adjustment” option.

Additional presets are now available to take the photo back to Adobe Default or to Camera Settings.

Batch Exports - now includes an additional dialog for folders and naming when contained in the presets.

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Lightroom CC, the cloud-based application is updated to 3.3

Changes include:

Watermarks - text watermarks are now available on desktop and these will also sync to other devices.

Versions are an important step, allowing the user to save and name stages of adjustment to an image.

Share Photos and Edits - allows you to share your edits with others to create tutorials

Edit in Photoshop - direct editing of an image in Photoshop and when you click save, it is re-imported back to Lightroom as a 16-bit TIF file. This also works with Lr and Ps on iPad

Local Hue adjustment enables changing colors of an object. New Activity view and Notifications to show you comments and likes on your photos.

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Finally, the interface of Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) 12.6 has been substantially updated and users are given a choice of thumbnails (for multiple images) being arrayed along the bottom, as per Lightroom, or down the Left side as per the original Camera RAW interface.

Incoroprated in the update are significant improvments to performance and the curves tool, as seen in Lightroom too.

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The new look interface for Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)