Black and White

Black and White

Wild HIghlands

I started my photographic career working in Black & White, learned the beauty of tones & exposure using Ansel Adams’ Zone system.

Adobe's Lightroom has been designed to replicate the tools of the darkroom, allowing me to produce images and prints that match my visualisation of a scene to perfection, without the smell of fixer and stop bath.

Black and white photography is not as straightforward as may be imagined; simply switching an image from colour to black and white on the camera or in Lightroom rarely delivers an image that satisfies, or matches expectations.

Tonality and contrast are far more important in black and white, so composition has to refect that. This is where Ansel Adams and his concept of 'previsualisation' come in. Thinking ahead during the capture to guarantee a result that matches expectations, both tonally and in the rendering of the light in the scene.

Once the capture is done and the file imported into Lightroom, there are many options. The built-in presets can help here, but few realise how many other ways there are to control the look of black and white images in Lightroom (or Photoshop's Camera RAW plugin) and that is before selective tools come into play.

One of the great pleasures is to pass on the aquired knowledge, helping others to achieve their photographic ambitions, without spending a fortune on new cameras, new lenses and other 'essentials' that ultimately make little difference to the creative process.

Join us for a Landscape + Black and White photography weekend in the Scottish Highlands.

See dates below:

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This was the original image, shot in colour, with a view to converting tnto Black and White. Which do you prefer?

Black and White + Landscape photography weekend, including 2 nights DB&B at the 4 star Grant Arms Hotel + airport or rail pickup from Inverness.

2 nights DB&B + airport or rail pickup / dropoff from Inverness or Aviemore

22-24th January 2021. £645 inc Burns night supper

26-28th February 2021. £625

23-25th April 2021. £625

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Interested in learning more about using your own camera efectively?
There is no need to spend a fortune, even a phone is perfect, if you know what you are doing. For more advanced use a bridge camera or DSLR help and of course there are Canon's new EOS R / R5 / R6 cameras for those with real ambition. Join one of our relaxed holidays in Scotland, Europe and Africa.We travel around photographing whatever takes your fancy, helping with tecnique as needed. Its a very comfortable way to take pictures or learn.

If you have a question, technical or other, just give us a call. We are here to help.
We also offer small group or detailed 1 to 1 training on cameras and image processing with Adobe Lightroom, Canon's DPP, Photshop and other mainstram post-production software.