Filter training days

Filter training days

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My first workshop was way back in 2004, for Canon, Phase One and Apple, held at Apple's UK headquarters and covering the Film to Digital workflow.

Things have moved on and I run regular photography trips and workshops, primarily to the Scottish Highlands to photograph Landscape and Wildlife.

The above picture was from a West Country session with a private client, wanting to now more about using filters with his camera and improving post-production with Adobe Lightroom. Lower pictures were from workshops in the Cairngorms National Park. Moving water can provide a wonderful, emotional subject. Key is to know what you are trying to achieve, to have the appropriate filters and an extremely stable tripod. Technique comes with guidance and practice
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Our regular workshops in Scotland cover a wide range of topics including filters, lens choices, exposure, HDR and advanced camera handling, all with hands-on practical experience and plenty of advice to ensure a firm understanding.

For more information, take a look at Workshops, or contact me for options for 1 to 1 or small groups