Food Photography

Food Photography

Food is something I love to cook - and to photograph

A regular client is updating their menu, and that means the new dishes need to be photographed and some of the chefs need updates to their profile pictures.

This is Head chef David Bonner and one of the new sweet dishes, based on a lemon tart.

The difficulty with food is twofold. a picture will always be examined far more carefully than a dish on the plate, so the picture has too look perfect. That will often mean that food for photographs needs to less well cooked and garnishes need to be far more balanced for colour on a neutral background than when the food is served in a bright and colour dining environment.

Shooting direct into Lightroom ensures that the client can see, and approve images, as they are shot, with a range of backgrounds to simulate the printed page and websites (have you tried 'Lights out'?) making processing easier later on. Favourites get flagged and rated, again, speeding up the edit.
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