Interior Photography

Interior Photography

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Interior photography is an art, a discipline and a passion.

It is perfectly possible to shoot interiors with natural light alone, and in the right situation, it can be a much easier way to work, but bright days, big windows; dark days and small spaces sometimes mean it is easier to bring lighting into the enviroment to add contrasting light or subtle fill, depending on the location and the brief.

This set of interiors, from two different locations, has been developed over a period of several months as rooms have been renovated and more recently, when rooms are unoccupied. Shot with a range of Canon cameras, previously an EOS-1Dc, more recently an EOS R6, flash has been very subtly used on most shots to fill in deep shadows beside beds. The 'Red' room was shot with multiple, differently exposed images and blended as an 'HDR image' to achieve the same result, without flash.

A tripod is essential for this work, as shutter speeds are usually in the range of one eighth oto several seconds, and on the older camera, it was a case of 'mirror lock' and 'self timer', to ensure really crisp images.

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Modern camera capture a significant dynamic range, so like the days of colour negative film, post-production with Adobe Lightroom is essential to making pictures look their best on screen or in brochures. Take a look at the post-production post on this blog to get an insight into the advantages this brings.

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