Isolation Skills Offer

Isolation Skills Offer

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Isolation Skills Building

Isolation is really tough, so many are people bored and frustrated.

How about some 1 : 1 lessons to improve your skills?

A professional photographer for 30 years, an Adobe trainer for half of that, I am uniquely qualified to help you improve your skills.

If you wish to improve your photography or learn and improve your post-production skills with Adobe applications, I can provide remote tuition.

Using your choice Microsoft Teams, Apple Facetime or Zoom, we will go through your selected pictures, analysing the camera settings used, the strengths and weakneses of the composition and work out how things could be improved to enhance your photography. This can be on a casual one-off basis, or if you find the sessions helpful, we will plan out a series of structured sessions over the coming weeks.

If your interest lies in enhancing your captured pictures, I am uniquely qualified to teach you Lightroom / Photoshop, or Capture One; either from scratch or the more advanced elements of the applications.

Cost: I charge £35 for 1 hour of teaching. Blocks of training by negotiation.

”I learnt so much. I thought I knew just enough about Lightroom to get done what I needed to, but as it turns out, I was barely scratching the surface. I feel my workflow will be more productive now, and maybe even a bit shorter. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I wanted to get out of this course.”


Drop me a line with the Enquiry form or give me a call:

01761 856070