Living with Wildlife

Living with Wildlife

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Trainees learning building skills to set them up for the future

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In November, I spent several weeks filming and photographing in Uganda, East Africa.

One of the main projects was to film and photograph trainees; young men and women from villages around the Murchison Falls National Park, being instructed and trained with new skills to allow them to play a roll in the comunity and to be able to earn money to support themselves and their families.

This training is a key part of the 'Living with Wildlife project', a joint innitiative by Sendacow and Tusk Trust to help upskill local communities and to end their dependence on animals poached from the Murchison Falls National park as a food source.

With limited sources of food and income, some people lay traps in the Park in the hope of catching bushmeat to feed their families, and sell in the local markets. But traps are indiscriminate and wildlife such as the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe and Elephant are getting caught instead, becoming maimed or even killed.

Elephant rely on their trunks as we rely on our fingers, so seeing one with a shortened trunk, ripped off by a poachers snare is a very difficult experience.

The only possible conclusion is -

There Must be a Better Way

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Ujeni, formerly a fisherman, now a beneficiary of the Living with Wildlife re-skilling scheme. Picture: Ric Rawlins / Seandacow

That Better Way is the Living with Wildlife Appeal
- a partnership between Send a Cow and Tusk to raise funds to upskill local communities, creating new livelihood opportunities which can lift people out of poverty and protect wildlife.

The Appeal will also fund vital conservation work through their local partner, Uganda Conservation Foundation, so that local communities appreciate the wildlife and become guardians of Murchison Falls National Park.

Give before 14 April 2020 and the UK government will match all public donations to the Living with Wildlife Appeal. Your support will help vulnerable people and wildlife living in Uganda, as well as supporting other similar work across Africa.

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