Mountain Hares

Mountain Hares

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Mountain Hare campaign

Cute is not a word that Chris Packham usually uses, on this occasion he was trying to appeal to a wider audience.

The key to the whole story was the revealing and horrifying film (below) made about Mountain Hare culling in the Highlands of Scotland, where some estates are know to massacre every Hare they can find. The animals are believed to carry lice that affect Red Grouse. It needs to be understood that in the eyes of zealous gamekeepers, nothing has importance except Grouse - so they 'clear' them: that is they use quad bikes, Argocats or dogs to drive hares at long lines of men strung out across to hillside with guns, shooting every Hare.

Chris Packham & his team organised a successful social media campaign to raise awareness over Easter 2018 '#GrouseMoorEasterBunny' - based on the fact that the original Easter Bunny was in fact a Mountain Hare.

Working with Chris and his team on other projects, I got a call to ask if I could supply 4 suitable images for the campaign - in the context of the film, the 'Praying Hare' became the poster image for the campaign.

Chris Packham's second tweet