Raptor Tales

Raptor Tales

I say in "About" on my website that I am very privileged to have had a fascinating career: photography and film-making provides access and introductions to both people and places that would be very hard in 'real' life.

Last year I started to make pro bono film about Vulture conservation. I was introduced to Jemima Parry-Jones and her team at the incredible 'International Centre for Birds of Prey' in Newent, Gloucestershire. And so began an adventure.

Recently, I have been filming regularly at the centre and frequently get to hold and occasionally fly birds. Last week I was feeding a juvenile Kite on my wrist. It would be hard to pay for such an experience.

Below are a couple of films I created for a visit to the centre today, by HRH the Princess Royal to celebrate the first 50 years. In total a friend and colleague, Graham Horder and I created 5 films, covering many aspects of the life and work of the centre. Not the easiest to make, we started with five voiced scripts and built the films up slowly from them. Normally it is much easier to create a voiceover after the film has been edited.


Founded in 1967 and now known of their impressive collection of Raptors and the pioneering work they have done to further breeding projects worldwide, this film concentrates on their rehabilitation work with injured and sick raptors in the UK.
Little Owl Nest Box Project

This film concentrates on their work in the UK including nest boxes for Little Owls and Kestrels.