Why post-Production?

Why post-Production?

The pictures that comes out of the camera only rarely resembles the scene being captured

In recent years this is closely related to the ever increasing dynamic range; the amount of tonal information that can be captured between pure black and absolute white. it has got to the point that images need to be processed, either in-camera, or in post-production, to translate that dynamic range into something that can be shown on a regular computer monitor. Adding Auto White Balance and many other auto functions within cameras into the equation and it beomes essential to process images to match your expectation or 'previsualisation' of the scene, as described by Ansel Adams, back in the 1940s.

Stacks Image 1660

The original image, as it came out of the camera.

Looking at the image above, captured by a DJI drone, the result is quite dissapointing. It in no-way resembles the scene photographed and without further work, the client may not be happy to commision further photography.

Open the RAW image in Adobe Lightroom however and a couple of minutes work and the image starts to look better:

Stacks Image 1666

None of these inital changes are 'false', nothing is being added to the image, information contained in the RAW file is simple being extracted and the image is being 'optimised'.

The sky is still quite bright and details are not fully visible in the clouds, so a slight exposure and highlight on a gradient mask, make the clouds more visible and helps to tonal balance the scene.

The image has also been cropped from the 4:3 the aspect ratio captured by the drone to 16:9 that will suit the intended use of the image.

Stacks Image 1664

The sky is a cold blue and has fooled the camera white balance, but autumn light was flooding the scene, so a small mask and a tweak of the colour temperature makes the image look as autumnal as when it was captured.

Stacks Image 1493

Finally, the image is resembling the scene that was photographed.

All that remains to be done, and the only 'Photoshop' work needed is to remove some cars that clutter the car park and annoy the owner of the building.

Stacks Image 1501

The final image, after post production

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