Wildlife Photography World

Wildlife Photography World

My photography has appeared in hundreds of magazines over the last 20 years, but there is something very special about being asked for a feature specifically on your own work.

Such was the phone call I received just before Christmas from excellent new magazine 'Wildlife Photography World'. It was a thrill, but quickly forgotten in the rush to pack for the recce trip to Central Europe - until the phone rang again in early January: "Please could we have 30 - 40 images.."

Such is the work you see here:

(Sadly the Leopard Cover image is not mine)
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The work you see in the spreads is a a mixture of images shot in Uganda, Argyll and Zanzibar while filming and Scotland, Finland and beyond as part of my own, regular wildlife photography trips.

As many of you will know, I started out in the wider world of Photography by photographing rare, giant Elephants in the forests of the Nepalese terai, back in the early 90’s. All of that was on colour transparency film, a rater different way of working to the comparative ease of digital.
I am now organising photography workshops of my own in Scotland, Somerset, Spai and Poland: If you would like to join me give me a call or check out my dedicated website:


01761 461526

We offer training to suit beginners or experience photographers, primarily covering Birds and Wildlife, but including Landscape and by special request, studio and flash, portraits, post-production or movies for photographers.

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