Nick Wilcox-Brown, Commercial Photography and Film in Bristol, Bath and South West England
Architect designed kitchen for Cowie
Land Rover Discovery in deep water
Trees in summer

Commercial Photography

Nick has 25 years experience as commercial, editorial and advertising photographer; his work has graced the pages of countless magazines, books, billboards and brochures. People in their environment, animals and architecture are specialities, but he also enjoys making short films, working with drones, and in the studio with food, products, and more.

Our mission is to illustrate, promotoe and enhance your brand: selling your product is as important to us, as it is to you. Let us draw your attention to our video work too - arguably now more important as a medium, than photography.

Let us delight you with some of our work:

Stylish details
The Gardenhouse interiors
Rockbeare Manor Dawn
Table Dressing
Georgian interior
Amtek precision
Yeo Valley packaging
Fruit dessert
Griddled Chicken supreme
Aston Martin Press launch
Morgan Aeromax
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Range Rover off-road
Range Rover 35th anniversary edition
Badger Tanglefoot
Stinger Ale
Art deco bathroom
Country Life annual property review
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Portraits for Magazines, Commercial and Private clients

Portraits or 'Head Shots' are critical to projecting brands and your key staff; an insight for customers into the people they are dealing with and useful for publicity too.
Equally they can be stressful for the subject. We understand the stress involved and take the time to give people emotional space; to be comfortable and happy with their experience.

Happy people make good portraits.

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Commercial Films

Mark's Bread

Mark's Bread in Bedminster, South Bristol, has become an institution. Everything they produce is organic and hand-made on the premises, with real passion. They make their own croissants, sausage rolls from scratch, even the jam for their pastries.

This is is a short film we made, showing how Mark's create their bread:

The film was shot by us on a Sony PMW-F5 camera and edited in Final Cut Pro X. The voice-over was recorded separately, in the studio, the Blackbird on location, in Bristol. The music was created by Mark's son who is a composer and sound designer

Horse Tales

John Boyd textiles manufacture an almost unique product - Horse hair fabric.

Used on chairs and walls in some of the finest buildings in the UK, Europe and beyond, this traditional fabric is still produced on unique looms, built in a local Somerset town, and now over 150 years old.

The production process is a labour of love and it shows in the people that work in a factory that has changed little in a hundred years.

The narrative is by the workers who produce the fabric. Do you think it adds or detracts from the film?

Horse Tales was judged winner of the 'Icon Films Non-fiction film under 8 minutes', judged by Icon Films, Aardman Animations (Wallace & Grommet) and other leading figures in the industry.

Chainsaw Training for UCF

A favourite pastime of Elephants is to knock down trees, making browsing the leaves easier and far less tiring. This has substantial benefits for the ecosytem as it makes way for young trees and new growth, The only unfortunate side-effect is that the trees frequently block roads and paths around the national parks, so an effective tree clearing team is essential.

This is a short film about Uganda Conservation Foundation's community program for young people from the villages around the park, providing employment and useful skills. In this case a chainsaw training program by expert trainer, Tim Kirk of TKA training with the aim of creating new tree clearance teams.

Music from Memory

Nicholas Maw's "Music of Memory" is an extremely challenging piece. Dimitiris Dekavallas, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and winner of the Ivor Mairants Guitar award, amongst others, makes it look very straightforward.

Produced, recorded and filmed by Nick in his studio.

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