Sound and Field Recording by Nick Wilcox-Brown

Audio recordings

Interviews and natural sounds

A couple of years ago, a large number of my recordings of birds, geothermal energy, mud and volcanoes were used by the sound design team for the BBC's 'Natural World' - the result was 'Iceland - Land of Ice and Fire' and I was credited with all the sound recordings used, quite a feat for a photgrapher and cameraman.

My interest has grown and I regularly record birds, wildlife and interviews for a variety of uses with my Sound Devices recorder and a wide range of microphones.

Here are a very small selection of those recordings:

Dawn Chorus 2020

Day 2 of this years Dawn chorus was recorded in a remote valley, close to Bristol Airport in the UK. Normally there is too much noise here to even attempt recording, but the Covid lockdown gave a brief window of opportunity, albeit slightly blighted by distant traffic and a single jet, departing for Ireland.

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Snipe, Curlew and more from the Somerset Levels

A short recording from March. West Sedgemore is an RSPB reserve on the Somerset Levels. Known for its Crane re-introduction project, it is also a breeding area for Snipe, Curlew, Lapwing and more

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Reed Warblers and more from the Somerset Levels

A short recording from March. Greylake is another RSPB reserve on the Somerset Levels. Known for a wide range of birds, this track primarily highlights male Reed Warblers competing for females in the Reed beds that the reserve is known for.

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Africa at Night

A short recording from Murchison Falls National Park. Principal sounds are a wide range of insects and birds.

Ziwa Swamp

Ziwa conservancy has been created to reintroduce Rhinos back into the wild in Uganda after they were rendered extinct by the actions of Idi Amin in the 1970s. There is also a swamp, a source of an incredible range of sounds, mainly made by many thousands of frogs…

The Bats of Box D

Soprano Pipistrelle Bats (Pipistrellus pygmaeus), just before flight from Box D at Bristol Water’s Blagdon lake, North Somerset.

Dr Rowan Williams

Short extract of an interview I recorded with Dr Rowan Williams, then Archbishop of Canterbury and one of the most intelligent and fascinating men I have been privileged to meet. The interviewer is Alexander Korobko

Lake Myvatn

A small section of sound used for the BBC's 'Iceland, Land of Ice and Fire' production - all recorder by me